Port Clyde

Port Clyde

With Camden as your hub, are you looking for an adventure ? Look no further than the village of Port Clyde. Located about 40 minutes south of Camden, at the end of the St. George Peninsula, it’s famous for artists including three generations of the Wyeth’s, the McCoy’s and Port Clyde is the gateway to Monhegan Island, a historic cornucopia of America’s artists.

With the Wyeth Art Gallery, other galleries filled with interesting work from artists up and down the coast, Marshall Point Lighthouse (built in 1858 and electrified in 1935, and famous from the movie Forrest Gump) Port Clyde is one of Maine’s quintessential, and important, fishing harbors.

When you wander—must stop places: 

George Pearlman Pottery1012 River Road, St. George

One of a kind, unique ceramics by master clay artist, George Pearlman. Truly awesome works of art! For more information, visit http://www.georgepearlman.com OR his FaceBook page.

  • Port Clyde General Store: One of Maine’s originals,  a great stop for some fun and funky finds. Classic provisioning also offering baked good, groceries, local lobsters and fish, wines, Maine brewed beers, a deli from which you can order freshly made sandwiches. They also carry one of our favorites, Bixby Chocolates- also found at each of our properties!
  • The Dip Net….Located right behind The Port Clyde General Store, literally on the dock, sits The Dip Net. Enjoy your dining with one of the best views of a working harbor and neighboring islands. They have a great menu with some of the freshest seafood possible. Also, where else have you ever seen a lobster tank like this?!

This fun shop is owned by local artist Sarah Lee. Here, you can find yarn from Bartlett & Swan’s Island, soaps from Trillium (a local favorite, they’re divine!), handprinted dish towels, napkins & table cloths, handmade pottery, plus she offers punch needle classes (learn to make your own pillows). For more information, visit https://www.sprucetreestudio.com or the shop’s FaceBook page.

  • You can’t visit the Port Clyde area without a stop at The Happy Clam/ 13 River Road Tenants Harbor: Serving German and American food, this is a local favorite. The food is delicious and the atmosphere fun and relaxing.
  • …. And if you’re feeling wicked adventurous, head on out to Monhegan Island, via Monhegan Boat Line. It’s a fun trip and totally worth your while.  10 miles from shore, porpoise, whales, and trails await you in a truly remote and stunning part of Maine. You can finish your day trip with a beer brewed right on the island at Monhegan Brewing. If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, make sure you have your Maine Beer Trail Passport and have it signed and dated while at Monhegan Brewing.

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